See how Kit's skills helped StreetWise Georgia on a Messaging Guidelines project.

Chris P.

StreetWise Georgia

The Mission of StreetWise Georgia is to offer the necessary physical, emotional, mental and spiritual tools to help people stabilize their lives, improve their environment, and move out of a state of dependency into a state of well-being and self-sufficiency.

What did Chris need?

Funding has slowed recently due to being pinned as a "food pantry". We're hoping our staff and volunteers can use this messaging guideline when sharing our organization with friends and family to better communicate our goals and operations.

Working with Chris and SWG was great - even with everything the last few months has thrown at us. Chris kept communications smooth as possible, and in general, was just a great person to chat with and work with.
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Kit Y.


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Jan 12, 2020


Kit Y.


Hey Catchafire, I'm Kit Young. I'm a 10+ year creative with experience in in health, higher education, K-12 education, politics, and architecture. I could also go on about the importance of education, the environment, equity, and LGBTQ causes as a result of my proximity or background in those ...
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What did Kit have to offer?

I've seen what poverty can do to the mental state emotional state and long-term health of everyone in a family Further so many of live just a paycheck away from disaster Organizations like Streetwise Georgia aim to do more than just provide meals - they provide the sort of emotional support training and guidance to get people where they really want to be - standing on their own two feet, ready to help others. My 10+ years of experience in marketing and design has always been research and writing first. It's about finding the value proposition and how to best communicate it to the audience in a way that's relevant, timely, and provokes action and emotion. I'd love to put my skill and experience to work for Streetwise Georgia!

Kit was incredibly patient and professional during the course of this project. Despite taking so much time to get edits and feedback from leadership, Kit was understanding and encouraging throughout the process. We are incredibly pleased with the results and Kit's impact will be seen everytime ...
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Chris P.

Volunteer Manager

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