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Lee O.

Out of Hand Theater

Out of Hand makes shows, games and public art, for venues including parks, homes, businesses and theaters. Through annual free public arts events and original works, we embrace new audiences, celebrate community, and create moments of mass intimacy. We collaborate with scientists, artists, busine...
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What did Lee need?

Decatur Dinners was a project we launched this fall. It was inspired by disparities between students of color and their white peers in Decatur City schools- both in terms of times disciplined and their academic outcomes. On one night in August, 2019 brought together 1,200 people to have a conversation about race and equity. Next year we will host the Atlanta Dinners for 5,000 people and we need a great logo to attract folks!

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Jan 1, 2020


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Dane A.


Hello fellow givers, My name is Dane Archer and I am an aspiring social good designer currently growing as an undergraduate student at the University of Southern California. Logo design and brand development are some of my strongest skills, but I love designing for brochures, flyers, banners, an...
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What did Dane have to offer?

I am very passionate about building bridges and starting dialect between diverse communities- it is this practice that has motivated me to dedicate my design practice to social change. What your group has done with the Decatur Dinners is not just worthwhile, but very necessary and I would be honored to help create the professional identity for the Atlanta Dinners. I have 3+ years of logo design and brand development experience. While my logo designs are both communicative and aesthetically appealing, I pay great attention to making sure that the design is readable in digital and print, color and grayscale, and budget-friendly. I have more than 5 years of experience working with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I am confident that I have the skills to create a successful identity for your effort!

Dane was incredible! Wonderful work and great to work with. He maintained great communication, met deadlines on time, and was really responsive to notes. We're so happy with the final product! Would definitely work with Dane again!
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Lee O.

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